I started producing projects under the Eastern Association banner in the summer of 2020. Over the last few years I have developed a significant interest in the period of the British Civil Wars and Protectorate - a time in our country's history that has largely been wiped from public consciousness; an embarrassing blip in the ruling elites' past perhaps...

In the summer of 2019 I worked alongside Vivacity Key Theatre Peterborough, The Cromwell Museum, The Seagull Theatre, Play Nicely Theatre and Stuff of Dreams, with support from Arts Council England, to explore two new pieces of work set during the time; one exploring women's roles during the Civil War and a another exploring the assassination attempts upon Oliver Cromwell's life.





I feel there is a need, and a niche, in bringing forgotten stories of the early modern period onto stage and screen. There is much we can learn as a society from the people of this era; people who fought for religious change, democracy and equality.


Eastern Association's first short film Freedom of the People and follow-up Kill Cromwell won multiple awards at film festivals worldwide.

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