Throughout 2020 I shall be developing a brand new one-actor adaptation of HG Wells' The Time Machine, with theatre company The Keeper's Daughter, supported by Arts Council England, Norwich Science Festival, Biddy's Tea Room, Seagull Theatre and Seagull Rep.

Pandemic allowing, The Time Machine will hit the road in the Autumn of 2021 and will play theatres, community halls and found spaces.

I currently have a number of stage plays in development with various organisations throughout the Eastern regions.

I am working with Norwich Arts Centre on a new piece of devised theatre celebrating the New Romantic youth culture of the early 1980s. This show will be developed further throughout 2021.


Meanwhile, I continue as creative producer to the newly rebooted Seagull Rep touring company; resident company at The Seagull, Lowestoft. My adaptation of Hound of the Baskervilles toured East Anglia in Autumn 2019 and I have just been commissioned to adapt and produce their next R+D.



My Latest Projects


a new play by Mark Finbow (adapted from HG Wells' novel)

in development

The Time Machine is a classic science fiction adventure story about a victorian inventor who travels to the year 802,701. He discovers a seemingly idyllic garden earth, inhabited by the playful childlike race The Eloi. But when his machine is stolen by a race of subterranean creatures, known as Morlocks, the traveller must confront humanity’s dark fate in a desperate race to escape back to his own time.



The Time Machine development has been funded by Arts Council England, with support from Norwich Science Festival, Biddy's Tea Room, Seagull Theatre and Seagull Rep.


a new play by Mark Finbow (inspired by the pamphlet by "William Allen")

in development

As radical Leveller Edward Sexby languishes in the tower of London a sickness of the mind transports his past battles into his prison cell.


Killing No Murder development is funded by Arts Council England and supported by Seagull Theatre and The Cromwell Museum.


a new play by Mark Finbow

in development



Three alienated women bond as they investigate a UFO sighting in 1980s rural England but as they delve deeper into their findings, their obsessive and idiosyncratic theories threaten to tear their burgeoning friendship apart.



In Your Skies has been funded by Arts Council England and Eastern Angles. The project has been supported at various stages by The Corn Hall, Weird Norfolk, Biddy’s Tea Room, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds, The Garage Norwich + The East Anglia UFO Group.


A Promenade Poltergeist Adventure

by Mark Finbow

in development

A fastidious museum curator must learn to trust a peppy paranormal investigator when a poltergeist throws his world into turmoil and threatens to shatter every memory of the town’s past.

The Wandering Spectre research and development is produced by The Keeper's Daughter, seed funded by House in partnership with The Corn Hall and is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s


adapted + directed by Mark Finbow 



When Sir Charles Baskerville is killed under mysterious circumstances Holmes sends Watson to Devon to protect the new heir of Baskerville Hall from the mythical black dog that stalks their family line. A journey that leads the good doctor to suspect the supernatural, negotiate the wilds of nature and ultimately uncover the reality of betrayal and devilish murder.  


A mixed media, multi-rolling all female cast of three re-imagine this classic tale as only they can. The Seagull Rep’s Hound of The Baskervilles is a vibrant theatrical experience infused with elements of physical comedy, stand-up, dynamic movement and a sophisti-pop soundtrack.


Hound of The Baskerville’s Autumn tour 2019 is produced by The Seagull Rep, supported by The Seagull Theatre, The Keeper’s Daughter and Arts Council England.





Words: Mark Finbow

Music: Bill Vine

From hedonistic salad days to an adulthood of austerity.


After The Blitz is an aesthetically charged piece of New Romantic Theatre that celebrates the passion of youth,

the power of change and the durability of Max Factor.


Featuring bold make-up, original synth-pop and

your mother’s blouse After the Blitz will imbue you with

the spirit of 1980s New Romantic clubland.  

Dress to be seen.



Rusty Egan (Visage + Blitz Club DJ)


After The Blitz is produced by The Keeper’s Daughter; supported by Norwich Arts Centre and Arts Council England.





in development


by Mark Finbow

in development

A new play exploring Brilliana, Lady Harley's attempts to protect her home from seizing Royalists during the English Civil War.


Brilliana research and development is produced by Play Nicely Theatre, The Keeper's Daughter and is supported by Key Theatre Peterborough, The Seagull Theatre and Arts Council England.

Charles Dickens'


adapted + directed by Mark Finbow 

The Keeper’s Daughter’s A Christmas Carol is an innovative, playful and faithful adaptation of the classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge: a cranky old miser, who makes life a misery for everyone who crosses his path, until an evening of Ghostly visitations forces a change in him for the better.


Two dynamic performers give this magical, imaginative and vibrant retelling a spirited twist.


Suitable for all the family aged 5+


Produced by The Keeper's Daughter. Supported by Arts Council England.


© 2020 by Mark Finbow